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Russian Journal of Biopharmaceuticals was founded in 2009.

Six issues per year.

Journal includes review papers dedicated to most important and relevant problems in biopharmacy, corporate communications which discuss a novel products for biopharmacy, and also research papers which describe the results of experimental and clinical investigations.

Primary Themes are as follows:

1. Strains utilized in biotechnology;
2. Technology of biopharmaceuticals;
3. In-process control;
4. Certification and standardization;
5. Education and manpower training.

Primary Sections are as follows:

1. Review articles;

2. Full lenght articles;

3. Short communications;

4. Letter to Editor;

5. Editor's word;

6. Abstracts of conferences.

Russian Journal of Biopharmaceuticals (
Biofarmatsevticheskii Zhurnal) is registered in the Russian Committee of the Periodical Press

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